Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Shopping

We did a very speedy shop this morning at the Hollywood Farmers Market. We didn't eat as much as I expected last week, so we still have some veg from last Sunday's haul.

I realized I have been so busy enjoying fresh red peppers that I've been forgetting to put some up for the upcoming year, so I brought 3 to roast and freeze this week.

Here's the organic produce we came home with:
3 red peppers for the freezer, 12 plum tomatoes and basil for Sunday pasta supper, 5 yellow potatoes, cilantro, shisito peppers, 1 lb khadrawy dates from Bautista Family Organic Date Farm, 2 dozen eggs, red and green grapes, 4 plums, assorted cherry tomatoes, 6 honey tangerines to add to the Sunday o.j., 3 quinces, 1 ambrosia melon, 4 apples, romaine lettuce, 2 ears of corn, 1 cucumber

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