About this Blog

I have often been asked how I prepare healthy food on a daily basis. This is something I’ve been practicing for years, since I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in the late 1980s and got a first-hand lesson in how what I eat affects the way my body functions.

I get all my nutrients from food. Of course, here in southern California that is easy to do year round, but I managed it when I lived in Montreal as well. Real food is rich in nutrients, delicious, and often far less expensive than the processed kind.

I also believe that eating is a political act. I vote with my dollar every time I buy food. When I put my money directly into the hand of an organic farmer, I am saying that I value our land, I value the people who work it naturally and in harmony with the soil and the sun, and I value the effect that food will have on the health of my body.

We’ve been through so many food fads in the last 30 years. I think it’s time to re-evaluate our relationship with food and return to the basics. As Michael Pollan puts it so well: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

I have been a vegetarian since 1986, and have experimented with whole foods, macrobiotics, gluten-free, veganism, and many other systems of eating. I am currently more mellow. I enjoy a glass of wine, the occasional cup of coffee, and use some white flour when baking. I am, however, pretty obsessive about the quality of the food I put in my mouth. No sodas or high-fructose corn syrup here.

This blog is my way to show you how I live my daily life with food: shopping at the Hollywood Farmers Market; turning beautiful produce into delicious feasts; buying, storing and cooking food within the confines of my busy life; and doing it all on a budget.

What works for my body will not necessarily work for yours. So please don’t take anything I write as “The Way To Eat.” Instead, I hope you will get some ideas and recipes that will fit into your life; and an expanded way of looking at food and its connection with your body, your health, your community and the planet.

Happy Eating!